When Em was seventeen, she first fell in love with yoga because it taught her how to come home. At the end of the day, she could unroll her mat, let everything else fall away, and just breathe. Since then, she has continued to witness first-hand the power of yoga to heal, empower, and foster compassion and self-love. Em's desire to bring the healing power of yoga to others led her to complete her Yoga Teacher Training at Berkeley, CA and two training programs about trauma and yoga, totaling 222 hours of advanced training. 

Em also holds a Master of Divinity degree. Her training in spiritual leadership has given her invaluable tools as a yoga teacher; she is skilled at holding safe and sacred space for healing, greatly attuned to other people, and trained in compassionate listening. Em is also a proud member of The Breathe Network, an organization that connects survivors of sexual violence with practitioners who offer sliding scale healing services. You can read Em's practitioner page and learn more here.