"I have had the pleasure of connecting with Em as a yogi, student, healer and friend and can attest to her awe-inspiring capacity to bring authenticity, presence, humility and loving-kindness in to all spaces and people she touches. Em's greatest gift, to me, is her ability to truly receive others and respond in attunement to their needs. Her awareness and sensitivity to others is a blessing to those on a healing journey, and to the world." - Katie, teacher & student

“Thoughtfulness, passion, and gentleness is what makes Em a unique, amazing teacher. Her quiet, grounded demeanor creates space for you to explore, all while feeling safe. She weaves wonderful sequences that work the mind, body, and soul, leaving me often in a dreamy trance after class. What I really love about Em’s style of teaching is that she offers multiple “levels” of a pose, so a the student can choose what feels best in their body on that given day; you can really challenge yourself, or you can tone it down, and she always makes those options available. She takes into consideration all bodies, ages, abilities, and creates a vigorous, but accessible flow. Em is delightful, knowledgeable, and strong, taking her class is always a privilege.” - Rachel, teacher & student

"For me, Yoga has always been a frustrating practice to be avoided and if not avoided, suffered through. One-on-one sessions with Em changed that....Every session feels like success, rather than a painful opportunity to beat myself up. I feel safe, both physically and emotionally, when I'm working with Em. She's honest, down-to-earth, and feels like a real person..."  - Logan, student

"Em is an active and engaged listener, somebody who genuinely connects with others.... Sharing a space with Em gives me a sense of peace, not just because we have been friends for so long but also because she is the type of person who enjoys being around others and wants them to feel loved. She is warm and welcoming, and she excels at holding spaces in which people from all walks of life can feel comfortable, heard, and appreciated." -Zach, student