For so many survivors, the body takes on the brunt of trauma. Being a survivor can result in disconnection and alienation from one's body and the present moment. Asana, the postures of yoga, and pranayama, awareness of the breath, can support the survivor in gently and mindfully establishing a healing relationship with their body. Through practicing yoga, individuals can practice honoring their needs, setting boundaries, and offering compassion towards themselves, empowering survivors to grow into their most powerful and compassionate selves. As a teacher, Em holds a safe space for healing by using invitational language, offering modifications, emphasizing the power of choice, and using language of inquiry that encourages students to be curious about the present moment and the sensations they are experiencing. 

Em currently practices in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She does not teach public classes at a studio right now. If you're interested in private or group sessions, please contact Em. She works with each individual or group to create personalized plans tailored to specific preferences and needs and accepts clients on a sliding scale.